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The goal of Positive Health Management is to provide excellent, safe, & culturally competent services to persons who are at risk for, or are living with, HIV. 


Founded in 1889, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is a 374-bed teaching hospital located in an ethnically diverse residential neighborhood directly on the border of northern Brooklyn and western Queens. Since 1995, Wyckoff’s Positive Health Management department has spearheaded HIV/STI prevention and care at our clinic on 1610 DeKalb Ave in Brooklyn. Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is proud to be a host of the PlaySure Network 2.0 program, which serves as a one-stop shop for comprehensive HIV and sexual health services where clients can access HIV clinical services integrated with supportive services, behavioral health, and care navigation. Our Positive Health Management department has implemented pleasure- and wellness-based approaches to sexual health across all HIV prevention services for the past six years. The PSN 2.0 program continues to build on this model of care and further expands implementation of these approaches.

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