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  Each team member is committed to providing the highest level of care and service. We are Positive Health Management. We're here for you.  


We are proud to introduce you to our dedicated and passionate team, who work tirelessly to provide the best health management services. Our staff is composed of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in their respective fields.


  • Natasha Jackson, MS: As the Senior Administrative Director of Behavioral Health and Positive Health Management, Natasha leads our team with a strategic vision and unwavering dedication.

  • Marie Ward: As the Director of Preventive Services and IE-PEEPS Program Manager, Marie's expertise helps us deliver top-notch preventive care.

  • Gillian Heron: Gillian serves as the Program Administrator for Behavioral Health, ensuring our programs meet the highest standards.

  • Edith Quiñones, MSW: Edith is our Director of Supportive Services and RAP Program Manager, providing crucial support to our clients.

  • Anca Giurgiulescu: Anca, our Financial Officer, oversees the financial operations, ensuring our resources are used efficiently.

Program Managers:

  • Raul Marca: Raul, the Senior Program Manager for BHX, CDC Program, brings innovative ideas to our health management approach.

  • Maria Guevara-Friedman: Maria leads the COC Women's Program, empowering women through health education.

  • Emmanuel Bentum, MBA: As the Program Manager for PSN 2.0, Emmanuel uses his business acumen to drive program success.

  • Daphne Thomas, BA: Daphne, our Care Coordinator Manager, ensures our clients receive personalized care.

  • Dina Lesperance, MSW: Dina heads the SAMHSA Program, bringing her social work expertise to bear on our services.

  • Chris Rodriguez: Chris, our Senior Outreach Coordinator, connects us with the communities we serve.

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